Friday, June 29, 2012

High Five Photo Tips for July-August

High Five Photo Tips for July-August:

Summer Photography 
  1. Photograph the Weather! Often best right before or just after the storm.
    nor'easter storn
    Nor'easter Storm
  2. Keep it simple but not too simple.  You do need a point of interest. Slow down, look and think. A tripod often helps - more then just providing a stable platform.   
  3. Be creative with Pet photography.  It is always raining cats and dogs, so take advantage. Get Down to their eye level. Create action shots by hold treats such as peanut butter or store bought treats. Horses will perk up there ears if you crinkle paper. Experiment! Beans
  4. Think! Plan and Create.  Forget drive by shooting.  
    dories in a marine area
    Beacon Marine Gold
  5. Explore the water and night sky. Summer is the perfect time to get out and expand your horizons. Get out of the box. Think and Dream. Thus, create. 


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