Sunday, September 18, 2011

High Five Photo Tips for September

High Five Photo Tips for September:

1.Depth of Field is a great creative tool.  Remember,    
The most important item to control is the aperture setting. The larger the aperture used, the smaller the depth of field range.
A good review at: How to use Depth of Field 
Tony at F 2.8 with 70-200 zoom racked out to 200 for bokeh

tony at 70
Tony at 70 mm_same settings
Even though set at same wide aperture of f/2.8, better Bokeh racked out ( ie the outer limits of the Zoom; so 200 mm on a 70-200mm zoom lens). Try it out.    

2. Remember to MOVE:  Every time you you go out shooting, try different camera setting on the same subject. Move around!  Low high, close up to zoomed out.Change lenses and perspective. Try a tilt.  Or think of the horizon line.  Centered or at 1/3rd. Vary it and see what works.  Be Creative!!
flowers low
Coneflowers from a low perspective

3. Use your Tripod.  It will help you take clear photos all the time whether it is action or close-ups.  
A great advantage of having a tripod is you can shoot images hands free. The reason is that you can use a remote release to start the shutter. 
People often using telephoto lenses will also find the tripod useful. As having longer lenses normally create more weight to your digital camera, a tripod will keep your device steady.
A tripod also slows you down and helps you think and create better images.

4. Black is needed to make an attractive B&W photograph, it says it right in the name, black and white.  If you've grown into the habit of using the histogram in Photoshop or Lightroom to show you the black and white highlighted areas don't adjust the exposure or increase the fill light to the eliminate all the flashing area.  Solid black in some portion of the image is not only acceptable, it's needed.  
Searching, Nude Matured Project

5.  A good landscape usually includes an interesting foreground as the focal point that leads you into the rest of the picture.   
fisherman's co-op
Pigeon Cove