Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let's Connect!

Over the last couple of months I’ve made some exciting changes with my online presence. With the help of the Web professionals at Webs of Wonder, I have revamped my Web site, blog, and newsletter and also started a Facebook fan page. I’ve realized that if I want the world – or at least potential customers, business partners like art galleries and interior designers, fellow photographers and the public -- to know about my work than I need to advertise my accomplishments. In today’s environment, that means utilizing every effective means of electronic communications like a well-optimized Web site and social media vehicles such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

As part of my blogging schedule, I hope to reach professionals, including photographers, gallery owners and designers. We all have mutual interests and can support each other. Here are a few tips I have learned and which I will be sharing with you in several blog posts:

Let’s Exchange Links
Professionals page of my Web site
I have a Professionals section on my Web site, which I am using to list the Web sites of some of my favorite photographers, galleries, art associations, professional art organizations and other like-minded individuals and groups. If your site is not listed and is appropriate for this niche, I would be happy to exchange Web site addresses with you. I’ll link to your site and I would be very grateful if you would link to mine. By doing this, search engines like Google think your site (and mine) must be important if another site went to the trouble of linking to it. So this helps with search engine ranking and visibility. It’s like a popularity contest but with lots more depth.

As artists and photographers, we are focused on the creative process rather than promoting our work. We spend years studying, improving our techniques and developing a portfolio. But then we wonder why no one is buying our art. Is it any wonder that the term “starving artist” applies to so many in my profession? So let’s take advantage of the ways we can all help promote each other. Email me if you have any questions or want to exchange links. 

Speaking of Building Links and Roots with Your Brand
Thought you would enjoy a photograph of the largest banyan tree in the US, which is on Maui in Lahaina. With its vast intertwined roots, it shades almost an acre.

January 2011, Maui