Sunday, April 24, 2011

Caring for Photography Collections

AXA Tips: Caring for Photography Collections
Here are some tips from our friends at AXA Art Insurance about caring for photographs.

When Transporting Artworks:

  • Make sure that the vehicle is large enough to accommodate the artwork and its packaging.
  • Make sure the works are professionally and correctly packaged for shipping.
  • Avoid using inexperienced art handlers.

When Framing, Hanging and Storing:

  • Make sure your artwork is protected with archival framing.Photo Collection
  • Glass vs. Plexiglas? Glass is easier to clean and care for but when it breaks, it can destroy artworks. If the photograph is of high value choose the added safety and protection of Plexiglas.
  • Always protect art from heat and direct sunlight. Never hang expensive art over a fireplace.
  • Use appropriate picture hangers for artwork, which are available at professional framing stores.
  • Avoid storing works in basements. If you must, be sure to keep the artwork at least 3 inches above the floor.

When Dealing with Insurance:

  • Keep your insurance company updated with the current values of your artwork. This should be done yearly or when there are significant changes in values.
  • Confirm coverage for the work includes shipping and transportation coverage.
This and more tips on the Johnsonese Brokerage Spring Art & Antique Insurance Newsletter:  
Spring Art & Antique Insurance Newsletter

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tips on Shooting Fireworks and Post Production

1. Use a tripod.
2. Use a cable release so you can watch the firework rocket trajectory with both eyes on the sky.
3. Use a zoom lens - 70 to 200 mm or more unless you need to capture the background.
4. Put the camera on manual and set the Shutter Speed for around 4 seconds and aperture of f 11.
5. Manual focus to infinity.
6. ISO 200.
7. Take an interesting background exposure - more wide angle. Use this as your background layer in Photoshop.
8. In Photoshop, choose your background image and then the other single fireworks images and adjust each in Camera RAW. Open your background image first. Use the Lasso tool (L) to select areas to use of each individual fireworks images and with the Move tool (V) drag each onto a new layer above your background image.
9. Blend each layer with Lighten.
10. Reposition each display (on its own layer) with the Move tool (V) as needed.
11. Then use the hi pass filter to sharpen as needed. (Flatten and then Duplicate the background layer, then select Filter, Other, Hi Pass filter, adjust for thin white lines, then select the Overlay Blend Mode).
One is a blend and I'm sure you could tell which one!! Enjoy and have fun. This new technique worked better for me then the bulb with the black card I had used in the past.
Straight Fireworks_Shot with Multiple Bursts in One Frame
Fireworks Montage_Gloucester Harbor
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Still Point Art Gallery BLOG: Bobby Baker - Black and White Silence

 One of the Photographer's I mentor is the current Artist of Distinction in Still Point Art Gallery's current online show.  I am mentioned in the article as well.  Enhance your creativity and sign up for a Creative Photography Workshop!.
I just released my summer weekend workshop series- Creative Photography - to be held in and around Gloucester, MA, selected weekends in June, July and August.  The schedule is listed under Events on my website at:

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But for now, Enjoy the Blog:
 Still Point Art Gallery BLOG: Bobby Baker - Black and White Silence: "Bobby Baker was honored with the title of Artist of Distinction for the work he submitted and is showing in Still Point Art Gallery's curre..."

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fresh RAW Food_The Simple Things in Life.

Grapes fresh off the Vine

Fresh Tomatoe

Life is a Bowl of Cherries

Fresh produce and the Farmer's Market.  All good things to look forward to after a long winter. Color or Black and White?  Food Photography can be very inspiring.  Look at the work with Peppers by Edward Weston.  He wrote:  It is classic, completely satisfying _ a pepper_ but more than a pepper: abstract, in that it is completely outside subject matter.
Red Twisted Sister Pepper

B&W Peppers

Red Peppers

So grab a basket and gather subject matter for a rewarding photo shoot.  Use diffused window light or soft light in studio with a soft box or translucent umbrella with your strobes or flash as the main light and reflector on the side for fill  for a natural effect.  Experiment!!