Thursday, May 31, 2012

High Five Photo Tips for June

High Five Photo Tips for June 2012:

Wildlife Photography
  1. Use a long lens (telephoto) to fill the frame and use a wide aperture to blur the background.
    Seal lion
  2. Know your subject and their habits to be prepared. Anticipate their movements. Plan for optimum time and season to observe.
  3. Capture action for more interest. Patience is needed of course.
    zebra baby at watering hole
    Baby Zebra at Watering Hole
  4. Get Close.
    seal 3
    Let sleeping Sea Lions rest
  5. Look for interesting pose or movement; experiment with angles and focus
    seal 2
    Allow space for Text

    More Wildlife Photography at:

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  1. Photography tips are so good to improve the skill of the photography.these all five tips are very nice and it is best to improve the skill.

    Rusty Solomon