Tuesday, January 3, 2012

High Five Photo Tips for Jan-Feb 2012

High Five Photo Tips for JANUARY - FEBRUARY:

1. Light Painting is done in the dark with the camera on a tripod set with manual focus - preset using a flashlight to aide focus) and shutter speeds in the seconds up to minutes. Use a continuous light source such as flashlight, light pen or instantaneous flash with or without gels. Dress in black, move quickly through a scene and even cover flashlight grip, etc. with black. 

2.  Get inspiration for your still life and food photography from your local museum. Look at classical paintings from the old masters. Carefully observe the use of color, contrast and composition. Simple lighting with the use of a single light source will create lovely shapes due to cast shadows.  Dark shadows will produce the illusion of depth. Prime lens with a 50 mm equivalent crop factor will mimic the physical limitations of paintings. Experiment and create harmony with complementary colors such as orange with blue. Don't wait for the perfect object, the perfect lighting or the perfect equipment.
blue plate with onions
Blue Plate with Onions

pepper duo
Pepper Duo
3. Create a mood or inspire an emotion with your photography.  
Heading Home, Gloucester Harbor

4. Choose your subject and find the simplest elements. Then compose and shoot with your concept in mind. Think and compose. Remember these key elements to create not take an image.
peony sunrise
Peony Sunrise

5. More on Patterns. Explore B&W and Color. Look for duplicity of patterns and how the light enhances the effect. Side lighting will bring out the texture.
sand pattern square
Sand Patterns Square
sand pattern
Sand Patterns

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