Thursday, December 1, 2011

High Five Photo Tips for December

1. When shooting Portraits, alter you viewpoint and either get up higher and shoot down or lower and shoot up. Try direct eye contact and then have the subject look outside the field of the camera or inside the camera field. Try props or candid poses often during action such as with jumping or in an activity. Add light Painting.

light paining
senior 1 with heart senior 3
2. Lighting is the key to compositing. This will make the selections easier and the composite look real. The lighting on the subject and on the composite needs to match. Another trick - don't include the feet if possible. Plan ahead.
composite 2composite 1
3. Simple compositions are often best. Clean and pure. Follows my photo motto: Simplify.
Fish Market
4. Foreground elements help to balance a composition. Choose them wisely. Use leading lines to draw the eye into the photo.

Or just look for patterns and colors.

Times Square steps
Times Square
5. Location, location, location. True in photography as it is in real estate. Choose a great location and a landmark of that location to be the key focus. This is an infra red pannoramic shot vertically at Pepsico in New York.
IR Pano
Infra Red Panno

Accent Line Block
Closing Block

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