Thursday, June 30, 2011

High Five Photo Tips for JUNE

High Five Photo Tips for JUNE:
1. Try Different Perspectives. A Simple photo taken at eye level can be turned into something truly unique by lowering your perspective.
tulips from above
Tulips from Above 
tulips from below
Tulips from Ground level with wide open aperture
2, Use a Wide Angle Lens - Especially in an environment where it is difficult to capture all the elements in your field of view, such as an entire beach.Some think this is the top secret of the Landscape Professional Photographer-Artist!
Windmills of the Netherlands
3. Scout your locations and Follow the Light. Look all around you. The sunset may not make the best picture. It may be the glow on the trees behind you that excites the eye. When photographing into the sun, a wide aperture (less than F11) will soften while a small aperture (above F11 - often best at F22) will allow star-shaped rays to appear.
4. Try Long Exposures. Water is a great subject. Start with one to 3 second exposures, best as the tide goes in, With ND, polarizing or Variable Neutral Density filters you can try even longer exposures - up to 400 seconds and beyond!
5. Shoot the Waves, especially during or after a Storm. Start shooting before the wave crashes and shoot continuously throughout.

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